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Network Port listing

PortDescription - Brown = TCP   Purple = UDP   (Number) = Total Associated trojans
101NIC Host Name Server, NIC Host Name Server (0)
102ISO Transport Service Access Point, ISO-TSAP Class 0, ISO Transport Service Access Point, ISO-TSAP Class 0 (0)
103Genesis Point-to-Point Trans Net, Genesis Point-to-Point Trans Net (0)
104ACR-NEMA Digital Imag. & Comm. 300, ACR-NEMA Digital Imag. & Comm. 300 (0)
105Mailbox Name Nameserver, CCSO name server protocol, Mailbox Name Nameserver, CCSO name server protocol (0)
106Eudora compatible PW changer, 3COM-TSMUX, 3COM-TSMUX (0)
107Remote Telnet, Remote Telnet Service, Remote Telnet Service (0)
108SNA Gateway Access Server, SNA Gateway Access Server (0)
109PostOffice V.2, Post Office Protocol - Version 2, PostOffice V.2, Post Office Protocol - Version 2 (0)
110PostOffice V.3, Post Office Protocol - Version 3, PostOffice V.3, Post Office Protocol - Version 3 (2)
111portmapper rpcbind, SUN Remote Procedure Call, portmapper rpcbind, SUN Remote Procedure Call (0)
112McIDAS Data Transmission Protocol, McIDAS Data Transmission Protocol (0)
113ident Authentication Service, Authentication Service, , Authentication Service, ident Authentication Service (4)
114Audio News Multicast, Audio News Multicast (0)
115Simple File Transfer Protocol, Simple File Transfer Protocol (0)
116ANSA REX Notify, ANSA REX Notify (0)
117UUCP Path Service, UUCP Path Service (0)
118SQL Services, SQL Services (0)
119Network News Transfer Protocol, Network News Transfer Protocol (1)
121Encore Expedited Remote Pro.Call, Encore Expedited Remote Pro.Call (4)
123Network Time Protocol, Network Time Protocol (2)
124ANSA REX Trader, ANSA REX Trader (0)
125Locus PC-Interface Net Map Ser, Locus PC-Interface Net Map Ser (0)
126Unisys Unitary Login, NXEdit, NXEdit, Unisys Unitary Login (0)
127Locus PC-Interface Conn Server, Locus PC-Interface Conn Server (0)
128GSS X License Verification, GSS X License Verification (0)
129Password Generator Protocol, Password Generator Protocol (0)
130cisco FNATIVE, cisco FNATIVE (0)
131cisco TNATIVE, cisco TNATIVE (0)
132cisco SYSMAINT, cisco SYSMAINT (0)
133Statistics Service, Statistics Service (1)
134INGRES-NET Service, INGRES-NET Service (0)
135DCE endpoint resolution, DHCP Manager, Client Server Communication, Microsoft Message Que Server, Exchange Administrator, NCS Location Service, MS RPC (via epmap), NCS Location Service, MS RPC (via epmap), DCE endpoint resolution (3)
136PROFILE Naming System, PROFILE Naming System (0)
137NETBIOS Name Service, File shares name lookup, NETBIOS Name Service (3)
138NetLogon, NETBIOS Datagram Service, NETBIOS Datagram Service (1)
139DNS Administration, NETBIOS Session Service, NETBIOS Session Service (8)
140EMFIS Data Service, EMFIS Data Service (0)
141EMFIS Control Service, EMFIS Control Service (0)
142Britton-Lee IDM, Britton-Lee IDM (1)
143Internet Message Access Protocol, Internet Message Access Protocol (0)
144Universal Management Architecture, NewS window system, Universal Management Architecture, NewS window system (0)
145UAAC Protocol, UAAC Protocol (0)
146ISO-IP0, ISO-IP0 (2)
147ISO-IP, ISO-IP (0)
149AED 512 Emulation Service, AED 512 Emulation Service (0)
151HEMS, HEMS (0)
152Background File Transfer Program, Background File Transfer Program (0)
153SGMP, SGMP (0)
156SQL Service, SQL Service (0)
157KNET VM Command Message Protocol, KNET, KNET VM Command Message Protocol, KNET (0)
158PCMail Server, PCMail Server (0)
159NSS-Routing, NSS-Routing (0)
161SNMP, SNMP (0)
162SNMPTRAP, SNMPTRAP, Linksys routers send log information via this port (ie. make sure its open on the listening (logging) machine (0)
163CMIP TCP Manager, CMIP, CMIP TCP Manager, CMIP (0)
164CMIP TCP Agent, CMIP, CMIP, CMIP TCP Agent (0)
165Xerox, Xerox (0)
166Sirius Systems, Sirius Systems (1)
167NAMP, NAMP (0)
168RSVD, RSVD (0)
169SEND, SEND (0)
170Network PostScript, Network PostScript (1)
171Network Innovations Multiplex, Network Innovations Multiplex (0)
172Network Innovations CL 1, Network Innovations CL 1 (0)
173Xyplex, Xyplex (0)
177X Display Manager Control Protocol, X Display Manager Control Protocol (0)
178NextStep Window Server, NextStep Window Server (0)
179Border Gateway Protocol, Border Gateway Protocol (0)
180Intergraph, Intergraph (0)
181Unify, Unify (0)
182Unisys Audit SITP, Unisys Audit SITP (0)
183OCBinder, OCBinder (0)
184OCServer, OCServer (0)
185Remote-KIS, Remote-KIS (0)
186KIS Protocol, KIS Protocol (0)
187Application Communication Interface, Application Communication Interface (0)
188Plus Five's MUMPS, Plus Five's MUMPS (0)
189Queued File Transport, Queued File Transport (0)
190Gateway Access Control Protocol, Gateway Access Control Protocol (0)
191Prospero Directory Service, Prospero Directory Service (0)
192OSU Network Monitoring System, OSU Network Monitoring System (0)
193Spider Remote Monitoring Protocol, Spider Remote Monitoring Protocol (0)
194Internet Relay Chat Protocol, Internet Relay Chat Protocol (0)
195DNSIX Network Level Module Audit, DNSIX Network Level Module Audit (0)
196DNSIX Session Mgt Module Audit Redir, DNSIX Session Mgt Module Audit Redir (0)
197Directory Location Service, Directory Location Service (0)
198Directory Location Service Monitor, Directory Location Service Monitor (0)
199SMUX, SMUX (0)
200IBM System Resource Controller, IBM System Resource Controller (0)

Last data change: 7/14/2019 1:54:42 PM
IANA list: 18 June 2004